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Watch Rafik Ghazal, insurance agent and founder of Guardian Solutions, tell his story about starting a life insurance brokerage for retirees. Using insureon's online application, Ghazal was able to find insurance to protect his company's liabilities and do so quickly, giving him more time to focus on growing his business. Read the full story.

By the numbers

Insurance Agents & Lawsuits

More than 14% of insurance agents are sued.

Lawsuits Aren't Cheap

Frivolous lawsuits can cost more than 14% of a business's revenue.
Sample Quotes & Cost Estimates
See what insurance really costs: actual quotes by policy & specialty.
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Grab-n-Go Information

Top 5 Risks
  1. Miscommunication.
  2. Missed deadlines.
  3. Bad luck.
  4. Slips and falls.
  5. Data breaches.
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Agent Risks eBook
Risky Business: A Small Business Insurance Guide for Independent Stock Brokers and Insurance Agents
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If It Ain't Brokered, Don't Risk It
Articles, guides, and business tips for insurance agents and brokers.
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Sample certificates
See a sample Certificate of Liability Insurance, the proof of coverage you need for most contracts.
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If It Ain't Brokered, Don't Risk It

4 Common Claims Against Agents
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Avoiding Common E&O Claims
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Who Can Sue Agents and Adjusters?
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Insurance Just for Insurance Professionals

Whether you're a claims adjuster traveling overnight to a natural disaster site or an actuary crunching numbers and forecasting data, if you work in the insurance and brokerage industry, insureon's specialist agents can help you find a policy that fits your risk, suits your budget, and protects your liabilities.

How do I find an agent that specializes in coverage for insurance agents and brokers?

Insureon's agents each have their specialty. If you're a mortgage or stock broker, you'll work with an agent who knows E&O Insurance for financial planners. If you sell property and casualty insurance, our agents will build a policy to suit your business's liabilities for selling coverages. We work fast and make the process as simple as possible. We don't have to tell you: insurance can get complicated and tedious. At insureon, we pride ourselves in getting sample quotes to our customers as quickly as possible (often in less than 10 minutes) and making the insurance process less of a process.

Want to learn more about risk management for insurance professionals? Browse our site for resources about growing your business and managing your liabilities.

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