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Types of Business Insurance Every Actuary Should Carry

If you are an independent actuary - one who works in a small actuarial firm or as an independent actuarial consultant - you may be employed to do a variety of jobs from providing extra help for an in-house actuarial team to providing an actuarial opinion to helping research and write articles for publication. You tend to work on smaller projects that rely on your expertise in risk assessment - and whenever you advise a client, as you know, there is greater risk for certain liability claims.

You understand more than most how important a solid business protection plan is to the future fiscal health of a small business. Below is a list of the types of business insurance that insureon recommends for those in actuarial services.

Each of these primary policies can be adjusted to suit the needs of your independent actuarial firm or your actuarial consulting business. Insureon works with agents who understand the insurance needs of actuaries and can help you find a business insurance plan that suits you.

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