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Important Types of Business Insurance for Independent Property & Casualty Insurance Agents

As an independent property and casualty insurance agent, you help individuals and businesses find the policies that most effectively protect their assets - and for the best rates. You have a competitive edge over exclusive agents because your network is wide, making it easier for you to match policies with people.

Insureon works in much the same way. We network with a variety of A-rated insurance providers familiar with insuring niche industries like yours. And just like you, we work for our clients to find them effective policies affordable rates. Sometimes, you can't purchase a business insurance plan from one of the companies you contract with. This is where insureon steps in. Below is a list of the most commonly purchased insurance policies for independent property and casualty insurance agents.

Once you choose insureon, a single account manager will help you build your policy now and help you reassess you coverage every year after, so your plan will still fit as your business grows.

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When you're ready to compare a variety of small business insurance quotes for your independent insurance agency, contact insureon. We'll set you up with an agent who specializes in helping insurance agents purchase effective coverage for their independent businesses. If you'd rather get your insurance quotes sent via email, fill out our easy electronic application.

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