If It Ain't Brokered, Don't Risk It
A Closer Look at Professional Liability for Insurance Agents

You're an insurance agent or claims adjuster, and you want to protect your business. You do it the best way you know how: insurance. But maybe you're not quite sure how you fit into the equation now, or you're new to small business policies. You might have some questions about how exactly Professional Liability Insurance (aka Errors and Omissions Insurance) covers you, or why you need it in the first place. It can seem odd — finding insurance for a person who sells insurance. But we've got you covered.

Here, you'll find articles about the risks insurance professionals encounter every day and how Professional Liability coverage steps in to help. You'll also find risk management tips and ways to protect your business should you ever find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Take a look around:

Top 5 Risks for Agents and Brokers

Miscommunication, missed deadlines, and data breaches threaten the revenue and reputation of small agencies and brokerages. Get tips for preventing losses.

What Does E&O Insurance Cover for Insurance Agents?

Learn what exactly Errors and Omissions Insurance covers and how it helps agents if they are ever caught in a professional negligence lawsuit.

Avoiding Common Errors & Omissions Claims against Insurance Agents

Some claims are more common than others. Find out the mistakes and oversights that lead to lawsuits and what you can do to avoid these snafus.

Why Insurance Agents and Claims Adjusters Face Errors & Omissions Claims

If you're asking yourself why you should worry about E&O claims, the answer may surprise you. You can do your work flawlessly and still face a lawsuit.

4 Common E&O Claims Against Insurance Agents

Learn about the possible arguments an attorney might make in an E&O case against an insurance agent.

Who Can Sue Insurance Agents and Claims Adjusters for Professional Liability?

Your clients aren't the only ones who can sue. A number of different parties can name your agency in a professional liability lawsuit, too.

How Can Actuaries Limit Their Professional Liability Exposure?

Want to keep your business out of legal trouble? Check out these risk management tips for actuaries and other insurance consultants to reduce your liability exposure.

If you still have any questions about Professional Liability Insurance or your other insurance needs, contact one of our experts. We're happy to help.

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