Property Insurance
for Insurance Agents and Agencies

As an insurance agent, you rely on computers, media equipment, and your office space in order to offer your services. But if a fire, tornado, or theft damages your office space and equipment, would you be able to make repairs and replacements quickly enough to continue operations? Or would the financial hit be enough to halt business until you could make ends meet?

Property Insurance is a solution to such a scenario, offering your business compensation when disasters strike and your business hangs in the balance. With adequate coverage, your business is protected from the expensive hit caused by natural disasters and criminal activity. Even if you don't own your office building, your policy can still offer up the funds you need to quickly make repairs so clients can visit again. If you conduct business away from your office, you are also covered for property damage you or your employees may incur.

Keep ready to discover how Property Insurance ensures your business can survive a costly disaster and replace the equipment you need to serve your clients.

Insurance Professionals: How Property Insurance Works

Insurance Professionals: How Property Insurance Works

Property Insurance is designed to protect your business's physical assets, but can also extend to protect the valuable data you rely on to conduct your business. From files to laptops, from smartphones to office space, your policy compensates your business for loss or damage to your property as a result of natural disasters, accidents, and theft.

Most policies these days offer coverage at the replacement value of your essentials, but you may run across the option of insuring your property at its current value. Most insurance agents will advise against this route, as you may not be able to replace all your damaged assets with this type of coverage. When you insure at the replacement value, the premium will be slightly more expensive. However, in the event of a claim, you will have the means to replace your damaged equipment with new gear.

Since insurance professionals are typically considered low-risk businesses, you may be eligible for a Business Owner's Policy or BOP. This policy groups Property Insurance and General Liability Insurance together, protecting your business against third-party liability claims and damage to your business assets. Plus, the policy is offered at a discounted premium. Talk to an insureon agent to learn more about a BOP and to find out if the policy is appropriate for your business protection plan.

Insurance Professionals: Key Details About Your Property Insurance

Insurance Professionals: Key Details About Your Property Insurance

When an unexpected disaster, theft, or fire leaves your business in shambles, you can rely on your Property Insurance policy to step in and deliver quick payouts. This single policy offers you the funds you need to replace damaged assets so you can get back to taking care of your clients. Here are a few coverages your policy may include and the financial security they offer your insurance firm in times of uncertainty.

Building Coverage for Insurance Agencies

No matter whether you rent or own your office space, your Property Insurance policy can cover damage to the building and its contents, including furniture, fixtures, and office supplies. Additionally, this portion of your policy can help your business meet lease requirements if you rent your property. So if a fire sets your building ablaze or a tornado leaves a trail of destruction where you office used to be, your coverage provides the funds needed to make repairs to the building and its contents at the replacement value. This coverage means you can quickly arrange repairs and not have to worry about whether or not you can pay for the damage out of pocket.

Computers and Media Coverage for Insurance Agencies

As an insurance professional in the digital age, you likely rely on your computers, tablets, and smartphones to conduct most of your business. This portion of your policy allows you to insure your business essentials so that you can replace them in the event of a covered claim. Depending on your policy, a covered claim may even include spilled coffee on your device. Your coverage may also compensate you for the costs to research, replace, or repair lost or damaged data and software due to a computer virus or power surge.

Business Interruption Coverage for Insurance Agencies

Dealing with the havoc of an unexpected disaster means your business may have to halt operations until repairs can be made and equipment can be replaced. You may be able to add Business Interruption Insurance to your Property Insurance policy to compensate your business for the foregone income during this time of recovery. That way, you have the funds to make payroll and cover rent and utilities. Some policies can reimburse your company for up to 12 months of lost earnings. To learn more about this coverage, be sure to ask your insureon agent.

Insurance Agencies: Customize Your Business Protection Plan

Insurance Agencies: Customize Your Business Protection Plan

When you're ready to insure the equipment, supplies, and office space you need to run your insurance agency, complete our quick online application. In most cases, we can send you competitive quotes in just minutes.

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