Sample Certificates of Insurance
for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Insurance, mortgage, and stock brokerage companies will need an insurance certificate to prove they have the insurance required by a contract.

What is an insurance certificate? When you sign up for insurance coverage, your insurer will issue a cert, which lists the important information about your policy such as expiration date, perils covered, type of policy, and more. This one-page document serves as a proof-of-insurance, which verifies your coverage to clients, landlords, and whoever needs formal verification of your liability insurance.

An insurance agent, mortgage broker, or investment adviser may need to use a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the following situations:

Sample Insurance Certificates for Independent Brokers

To learn what a Certificate of Liability Insurance looks like, download our sample insurance certificate for insurance agents or other independent brokers.

Insurance Certificate in Minutes

How do insurance agents and independent brokers get a Certificate of Insurance? Once you're insured through insureon, you'll have 24/7 access to your certificate. You'll be able to download and print your cert whenever your need it. Fill out an online insurance application to get started.

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