How Much Does Insurance Cost
for Insurance Agents and Brokers?

Whether you're an insurance agent, actuary, or other risk management professional, you understand the value of business insurance. But as someone who works in the industry, you also know that not all insurance policies are equal. How do you know you're getting a good deal on insurance that really covers your risk?

Below, we've compiled sample insurance quotes for insurance businesses. These quotes are all for policies specifically designed for insurance professionals and will give you a ballpark estimate on your insurance costs.

Sample Quotes for Insurance Companies and Brokerages

How much will insurance cost for an insurance professional? Your premiums will depend on a variety of factors, including…

  • Whether or not you've been sued in the past or had to file an insurance claim.
  • Your business's estimated revenue.
  • The number of employees you have.
  • The amount of property, equipment, and supplies your business owns.
  • How many years you've worked in the industry.

Naturally, sole proprietors with no claims history and a smaller risk profile will pay lower premiums than insurance agents running small businesses that have larger revenue numbers and more risk.

Sample Quotes

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To compare the cost of insurance for insurance agents and brokers with small businesses in general, visit Insureon's Business Insurance Cost Analysis. New browser window icon.

What Does Business Insurance Cover?

As you know, there isn't one policy that will cover all the business risks an insurance professional faces. But if you get the standard insurance policies — E&O, General Liability, Property, Workers' Comp, and others — you'll have coverage for the following:

  • Professional liability lawsuits (i.e., a client sues you over an insurance recommendation).
  • Slip-and-fall lawsuits.
  • Client property damage lawsuits.
  • Theft or damage of your business property.
  • Employee injuries.

Given how expensive lawsuits are, it's a relief to know that your business is insured. Whether it's an issue with claim disputes or a miscommunication about what perils weren't covered by a client policy, it will be a relief to know that your coverage pays for expensive lawsuits, settlements, and damages.

How Can I Get a Free Insurance Quote?

You're an insurance professional, so we'll cut to the chase. If you need a free quote on coverage, use our online insurance application. It's fast and our agents will respond with free insurance cost estimates sent straight to your inbox.

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